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Dear friends

Before you read the article below by 
J. Lee Grady, I would like to say that  I am not a charismatic believer. But, I strongly believe that the power of the Holy Spirit has been given to all believers to evangelize the world. 

So, we all need the "push" of the Holy Spirit to go and evangelize the world. Without this "push" we will never go, that's the reality!

I am more open to the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit in our days than a Traditional Believer and you can see that if you give a look to my posts below about the Holy Spirit 
but, please, read first the article by J. Lee Grady.

All believers, particularly from  a Pentecostal/Charismatic background,should read the article below by J. Lee Grady.

         Who shouldn't be on your ministry team by J. Lee Grady 

Have you encountered any spiritual flakes in your church?

When the Holy Spirit comes in His fullness, people receive miraculous anointing, remarkable boldness, overflowing joy and irresistible enthusiasm. 

Yet because we are all bent toward sin and selfishness, many people who experience the Holy Spirit's raw power sometimes also act weird. Their flesh gets in the way, and they misuse the gifts of the Spirit.

I've seen this happen often times during prayer ministry times at a church altar. 

Because of poor training and a lack of mature leadership, things can get wacky when people come to the front of the auditorium for ministry. If this flakiness isn't immediately corrected, visitors will stop coming and your church will get a bad reputation.

Here are seven people you should never allow to be in a ministry position in your church:

1. Bulldozer Bertha. 

If this woman decides to pray for you at the altar, put one foot in front of the other, hold onto a chair and brace yourself. She intends to push you to the floor, one way or another. 

She's been told over and over that it is rude, not to mention "it is dangerous to push people during prayer". But she claims "the Spirit" turns her into a samurai warrior when the anointing comes on her. Steer clear. 

Bulldozer Bertha is an accident waiting to happen.

2. Shonda Wanda. 

I appreciate the gift of speaking in tongues, and there is a time and place for this gift in a church meeting. But it is not appropriate for a person to scream in tongues while they are ministering to someone at the altar. Shonda Wanda is notorious for offending visitors by pummelling them with noisy glossolalia. 

She should be reminded that seekers who come for prayer should be treated with sensitivity and respect-and that tongues is best reserved for private prayer times (see 1 Corinthians 14:18-19).

3. Lascivious Larry. 

It is totally acceptable for people on a prayer team to lay hands on those who are seeking healing or comfort. But in this age of sexual perversion, some people are looking for a cheap thrill, even in church. 

Prayer ministers should be carefully trained on what kind of touch is appropriate during ministry times. We must have a zero tolerance policy for those who grope in the name of Jesus.

4. Freak-Out Frances.

It's a fact: Some people just act plain weird when they feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit: 

Some shake, others vibrate, others shriek or make birthing noises. 

I don't believe we should allow prayer ministers to carry on like this at the altar. The people who are entrusted with the job of praying for others should minister with gentleness and self-control. 

You will scare and confuse people if you are flailing your arms, jerking your torso or acting as if you have a nervous tic while you pray for them. 

This kind of immature behaviour squelches the Holy Spirit.

5. Shrill Bill. 

The gift of prophecy can be a wonderful blessing-or it can be a total turn-off when the person prophesying is out of order. Nothing kills a church service like a prophet who sounds like he is channelling a banshee. 

Those who desire to minister in the gift of prophecy should learn to speak in a normal tone of voice-and they should convey love and grace even when they are passionate. 

Don't allow angry or bitter prophets to ruin church for everyone else.

6. Slick Rick. 

I believe it is scriptural to anoint people with oil when praying for healing (see James 5:14). But "anoint" does not mean dousing a person with two quarts of scented olive oil. 

I've seen some prayer ministers get so carried away with the oil that the poor people they were praying for left the church slimier than a pasta salad. A dab of anointing oil is enough!

7. Groovy Greta. 

God has gifted certain people with grace in the arts-whether it is singing, song writing, music or dance. But not all artistic expression belongs in church, and not everyone who thinks they are gifted should be given a platform. 

We've all been in situations where someone performed an awkward "praise dance" that should have been screened before it ended up on the church's live webcast. 

Don't allow the holy worship of God to be tainted by people who are selfishly seeking attention.


I believe we charismatics are entering a new season in which God is raising the bar and calling us to a higher level of maturity.
We must put away "childish hings" (see 1 Cor. 13:11) and embrace not only the Holy Spirit's gifts but His fruit as well. Let's reject the flaky, the goofy and the weird and choose an authentic spirituality that honours God and respects the people we are called to reach for Christ.

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Ricardo and the Banwaon tribe in the Philippines.

Note importante: our son Ricardo is already back from Philippines. In Philippines he was involved in filming and you can see below some of his videos.

Please see below the email if you want contact Ricardo:


All being well, our son Ricardo (26) will be going to Australia in September 2014, on a one way ticket! 

Mindanao South Philippines 
He will be present on the 21th September 2014 for the wedding of our son André, to Sara, daughter of missionaries to the Banwaon tribe, South Philippines, where Andre did his block placement whilst at Moorlands College.  

(André and  Sara would like to serve as missionaries in a tribal setting, God willing.)

Ricardo, who has been working for
Moorlands College, aims to stay in Australia until the end of 2014.  

He then plans to go to the Philippines in the New Year, with Sara's parents, Albert and Lyne Castelijn and their youngest son Stevie (9), when they return to their work amongst the Banwaon tribe. 

Ricardo's aim is to spend up to 6 months in the Philippines, with two goals:

First Goal:

Having a strong belief in the Great Commission and being gripped by Jesus' command to "go and make disciples of all Nations", Ricardo saw the opportunity to work in Mindanao with Sara's parents as a great route to become involved in frontier missionary work. 

Ricardo Martins

Second GoalAs Ricardo has also been working in film work, he has offered to do an in depth film of the life of the Banwaon people as well as neighbouring tribes.  

Albert and Lynne have been working in the tribe for approximately 19 years with New Tribes Mission, so it will be good to have a film of the Work. 

André, John Piper and Ricardo
 They went to London in 2011 to hear John Piper preaching


As Ricardo's parents, we would appreciate your prayers for him and also for André and  Sara
Viriato and Janet

Ricardo is back from Philippines and living in England again. He has his mind on missionary work, but he will need to raise financial support to be able to go back to Philippines or another field.

He has done about 10 films in the Philippines but he is still editing some of them.

Below, you can access to some of the films Ricardo has already edited:

'Back from the dead' is the first video Ricardo has managed to put together from the time on the island- Barangonan.


Risk only 4 minutes:

Risk - Joel & Missy Davis

- Rescued only 4 minutes:

- Light in Darkness only 4 minutes:


Gene and Carol Trudeau with the Manubu people of the Philippines.

The video below has been done by André, when in 2013 he went to Banwaon tribe. 


In 2013 André met Sara on this tribe, the girl on the video, who is now his wife.

The journey by motorbikes took about 12 hours from Banwaon tribe to the town of Malaybalay.

André travelled by motorbikes with Sara's mother and 2 brothers who were

taking André back to Malaybalay  to get the plane to Mannila where he had to get another plane to come back to England.
Should you be in touch with a Charity, Foundation or Mission that may be interested in this type of missionary project, please contact Janet, Viriato or Ricardo.

janetcookmartins@hotmail.com        07946774502
viriato-martins@hotmail.com            07961242394
ricardo-martins@hotmail.co.uk          07875639715

"The mark of a great Church is not  its seating capacity, 
but its sending capacity" — Mike Stachura

You will understand this statement better, if you watch this video:


  • If you want to know more about New Tribes Mission, please see below:

    Planting Tribal Churches:

    Of the world's 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached. NTM helps churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these tribes.

    We minister among unreached groups:

    In 2,500 of the world’s 6,500 people groups, there is no church or any work being done to establish a church. These are the people among whom New Tribes Mission works.

    We work in the tribal culture and language:

    They are isolated from the Gospel. Missionaries must learn their language and understand their culture in order to clearly present the Gospel and effectively plant a church.
    We present foundational Bible teaching:

    Unreached people have no concept of the God of the Bible. So Chronological Bible teaching presents a foundation for understanding Jesus’ death and resurrection.

    We establish mature Churches:

    Following the pattern seen in Acts, missionaries seek to establish mature churches that can become agents of change in their communities and of the Great Commission.

    A Bible education at the New Tribes Bible Institute:

    Receive a Bible education at the New Tribes Bible Institute. In the two-year, college-level course, you’ll study every book of the Bible. 

    Please, give a look on our site to know more about New Tribes:

    At our USA offices in Florida, you can take a tour, find out more about us, and meet some of our home staff missionaries. You may be surprised by how extensive and vital these operations are to planting tribal churches, and by the opportunities for you to take part.
    Our home office is in Sanford, Florida, which is north of Orlando and south of Daytona Beach. Individuals, families, churches, youth and school groups are all welcome. Please contact us in advance of your visit.

    Visit our home office

    "The mark of a great Church is not  its seating capacity, 
    but its sending capacity" — Mike Stachura

    You will understand this statement better, if you watch this video:

    Our sons André and Ricardo have a link with Banwaon Tribe

     André, John Piper, Ricardo (behind them is Mark)

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I believe in God, the Father almighty,

     creator of heaven and earth

I believe in Jesus Christ, 
      his only Son, our Lord,
      who was conceived by the Holy Spirit
      and born of the virgin Mary.
      He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
      was crucified, died, and was buried;
      he descended to hell.
      The third day he rose again from the dead.
      He ascended to heaven
      and is seated at the right hand of God 

      the Father almighty.
      From there he will come to judge the 

      living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
      the holy Universal church,
      the communion of saints,
      the forgiveness of sins,
      the resurrection of the body,
      and the life everlasting. Amen.

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Although under the umbrella of Teen Challenge UK, TC East Dorset focuses specifically on reaching out to those in Bournemouth and Poole.

Teen Challenge East Dorset offers Freedom through Discipleship: 12 month residential services for those struggling with life - control addictions.

Since TC East Dorset work began in 2010 it has already sent people to its rehabs and some of them have finished the 12 month residential programme, now being completely free from drugs and alcohol. 

TC East Dorset comes alongside people who are on the edge of society, those who many would deem untouchable. 

Those battling with homelessness and drug and alcohol addictions.

Hot drinks and food are given, but the aim is to see as many as possible admitted to rehab, and be free from drugs and alcohol.


If you would like to make an appointment to speak about rehab programmes for yourself or a loved one.

If you would like to know more about TC East Dorset and even how you can become part of the team.

If you would like to support TC East Dorset in prayer or financially.

Please contact us directly: 

Michael and Louise Cook

01202 805505 

07979 151 863




They are passionate about sharing the Gospel and helping hurting people. 

They are all trained, have CRB's and work in teams.                                                                                           
They come from Churches across Dorset. 
financial support.


Christians rehabs across UK are available where required as you can see in the picture below:
Willoughby house.  Leicester

There are representatives at the BH1 Cafe in Palmerston Road in Boscombe on a weekly basis if you would like to make an appointment to speak about rehab programmes for yourself or a loved one.

Please ask one of the BH1 staff for more information or contact Michael and Louise Cook directly.


We  would be very grateful for your support in prayer and also financial support if you feel God is leading you to do so.

You can give a one off gift  or support monthly with  £2£5  or  £10.

Alternatively, you can make a one off gift  or a monthly standing order to:

TC East Dorset  - sort code 30 - 96-73 account number 32858568

Please, contact Michael or Louise Cook to speak about your support.

Street Church  and TC Cafe in RICHMOND PARK CHURCH:

Several aspects of the TC East Dorset work run alongside Richmond Park Church - Palmerston Road, Boscombe.

There is a monthly meeting on the last Wednesday of each Month in Richmond Park Church, 7 pm to 8.15 pm.

The meeting begins with a meal, followed by a time of friendship, drama, music and real life stories.

T C cafe is open every Friday night in Richmond Park Church -pm to 9 pm for anyone who needs a hot drink, soup, sandwich or a cake

It is also a place where they can meet someone who cares and somebody who is prepared to listen to their story.

They can also obtain information about Rehab.

TC East Dorset teams in Bournemouth and Poole

The teams are also going to Bournemouth on Friday evenings and aim to cover Parkstone and Poole areas too.

To extend the work across East Dorset we need more volunteers, more prayer and more 

Testimony of Tony Gough and Tony O'Dell:

It Is Worth Reading, Click Below: 


We can also give your contact to Michael and Louise, if you prefer. Please, send us an email or msg or phone us to give your details, and Michael or Louise or another team leader will be in touch with you:
Viriato and Janet

janetcookmartins@hotmail.com    (preferable)