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Interview with the Archbishop of Atheism!

John Hawley is an evangelist working with the Open Air Mission. On the 28th June this year (2012) during one of his outdoor meetings in Oxford, he met Richard Dawkins, who happened to be passing by. We have known John and his wife Sue for over 20 years and in fact they visited us a couple of times in Vila Real, Portugal, where we were involved in missionary work. Viriato and Janet

"An Interview with the Archbishop of Atheism" by John Hawley.

"It was a hot sunny day in the end of June as I preached in our usual patch in Cornmarket in the heart of Oxford. Tourists, students and shoppers all around us, particularly many Sixth Form hopefuls on an Oxford University Taster Day.

John Hawley and Richard Dawkins
As I was preaching I said that the moment Richard Dawkins died he would no longer be an atheist, but would bow the knee in awful recognition to King Jesus. Half an hour later [an OAM colleague] nudged me and said ‘that is Richard Dawkins who has just passed our meeting, pushing his bike’. I hurried after him and started by asking him if he had any assurance of what would happen to him when he died.

He suffered me for a while asking me who I was etc. I shared my testimony that as a lad of fifteen I had come to know Christ as my Saviour. At this he became dismissive, and to be honest just plain rude. He asserted that no one could go along with all this and that my brain anyway ‘was only a lump of meat!’ I quoted from the Bible that one day he would have to face God and it was ‘appointed to men once to die and after that the judgement.’

His derision and contempt was now unconcealed and he started walking away pouring out a verbal assault. I continued to share some Bible truths with him and he came back for some more.

After a few more challenges he became incensed with contempt and anger, and just walked away in disgust! It was ironic that only a few minutes before a busker had been playing ‘There is a green Hill far away’ right in the spot where I chatted with Richard Dawkins.

At least he accepted a Sure of Heaven CD in the early part of the conversation, which he put in his cycle basket. Into that same basket one of our number had put a Unique Jesus some years before after he saw him going into the Clarenden Centre. Richard Dawkins has been offered the gospel but has arrogantly and stubbornly rejected it.

My thoughts go back to Pilgrim’s Progress where another ‘Professor’ declared at the Interpreter’s House - ‘I have so hardened my heart against the grace of God that I cannot repent’.

How we need to pray for people such as Professor Dawkins!

John Hawley

Open Air Mission

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